April 2021 – Sensor Handover

A-WaMs releases first Sensor prototype

The A-WaMS project consortium is delighted to announce the completion of the first generation sensor. The sensor’s official handover took place on the 11th of March 2021, with DCUs Sean Power handing over the custom-designed sensor to Glenn Tarpey of TWM.

This sensor has been skillfully designed, engineered and built by the DCU Water Institute team over the past year and a half.

This dynamic sensor is capable of providing absorption, scatter, and fluorescence readings over a broad spectral range along with temperature readings in real-time.

The developed sensor units are built for a low cost. Lab testing has clearly demonstrated the sensor can generate detailed readings allowing for environmental events in the aquatic environment to be detected and quantified.

Difficult as it has been over the past year with Covid-19 restrictions, the teams have gone to extreme effort to set up labs, benchtop experimentation and 3D printers in their homes to ensure deliverables and milestones were met and this point could be reached on time.

The sensor is currently being integrated with TWM’s infrastructure for power and communication management and will be used in the first environmental testing trial over the coming weeks.

For more information follow this project on www.awams.eu and @AWaMS_2020

Sean Power of DCU showing Glenn Tarpey of TWM the sensor in the lab

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