Nov 2019 – Stakeholder Online Survey Launch

We greatly appreciate you taking the time to provide us with your water monitoring needs, insights and recommendations. TechWorks Marine and DCU are working together to develop low-cost optical sensors to monitor marine and coastal water quality and supply the results to you in an easy to access manner.

We aim to develop low-cost, easy to deploy water sensors for continuous measuring of chemical and physical parameters in coastal and marine waters. The sensor, and data delivery service, have the potential to greatly enhance your water monitoring needs and save you valuable time and money. The optical sensors will greatly improve our knowledge of water quality trends, ecosystem trends, allow large scale monitoring and contribute to the management and development of coastal resources.

Your expert opinion is vital for the development of an accessible monitoring system for coastal industries, local authorities, government agencies and the Irish coastal communities. This short survey will only take 7 minutes to complete.


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