A-WaMS Infographic

The A-WaMS  Project

The A-WaMS project is a three year project funded by Project 2040’s Disruptive Technologies Innovation Fund. The Disruptive Technologies Innovation Fund is a €500 million fund established under Project Ireland 2040 and is run by the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation with administrative support from Enterprise Ireland. It aims to progress “research priority areas” such as information and communications technology, energy, climate action, sustainability, services and business processes among other themes.

The project will see the commercialisation of the DCU Water Institute’s optical sensor technology, and integration with the advanced data analytics capabilities of TechWorks Marine. The decision support system will be based on information from a network of remote sensor nodes present in coastal waters capable of providing real-time monitoring of water quality parameters that are robust, reliable and cheap, integrated with multiple sources of large scale data. The information can be used by organisations such as regulatory agencies, commercial companies or government departments. The collaboration between an SME and a university ensures that TechWorks Marine provides a strong focus on the industry applications, commercial capabilities of the sensors and user requirements, while the DCU Water Institute provides the research expertise needed to overcome the challenges which will be encountered.


Bringing together leading international experts from TechWorks Marine and DCU Water Institute – together we aim to transform the way our valuable coastal zones are monitored.